Mission Statement

We Shall Prevail

In 2012, I founded The Weeklings, an arts & culture online concern. The idea was that there were seven writers, and each of us would publish one post a week. My day was Tuesday. Because I am a Cylon, I produced a column every week for a year.

Eventually, that site published less frequently, and after the election, we shifted into writing about politics. The pieces I wrote there on Trump/Russia became the basis for my book, Dirty Rubles, which dropped in May 2018.

Since then, The Weeklings has fizzled out. I publish most of my content on the Twitter, with the occasional long-form piece in Medium or elsewhere.

Sometimes I will get attacked by a bot on Twitter for “only being here to sell [my] book.” The truth is, I did not write the book to make money; if I were interested in making money, I would have done better these last few years slinging drinks or driving an Uber or, you know, laundering dirty rubles for the Russian mob.

However, money is necessary to do things like pay my mortgage, buy new sneakers for my kids, and donate to the Kamala Harris campaign. The more money I make from my Trump/Russia writing, the more Trump/Russia writing I can afford to do. And until Trump is gone from office, I feel a sense of urgency to do this as much as I can.

So I was pleased when Alexandra Erin introduced me to Substack. Here, I can publish all of my work. All of it can be, and will be, free. But I can give you, Dear Reader, the option to support this endeavor financially. Kind of like sending the tip jar around after the show.

I don’t want anyone not to read what I’m writing because of money. And I certainly will not hold it against anyone if they cannot, or they prefer not to, pay. But to show my gratitude to those who do, I will offer some exclusive content (probably AMA, but it’s TDB). Either way, I will try and make these pages as illuminating as possible.

Tomorrow, I will run a piece about Nikki Haley. After that, who knows? There will be shorter pieces, drill-downs, interviews, reviews, investigations of stuff we may have missed, and maybe even a poem or two.

Oh…I was going to call this DIRTY RUBLES, but I’m kind of sick of that title, and it’s hard to pronounce. “The Traitors Are Easy to Spot” is too long for the web browser. So I settled on PREVAIL, because, as you know…


Thanks for your support!