Who Owns Kavanaugh: Index

Summary, links, overview on the five-part Brett Kavanaugh series.

LB and I decided months ago, long before the election, to collaborate on a Brett Kavanaugh project. Our original concept was to produce a one-off podcast—a multimedia product that the various podcasters we knew could insert into their feeds simultaneously. This proved too ambitious, at least for me. So we decided to cover the Kavanaugh story the old-fashioned way.

There’s a lot to cover, of course, more than enough to write a full book. But the virtue of producing a series for an online publication is that the pieces are easier and faster to consume. Anyone can read them, at any time, from almost anywhere in the world, for free. The information is out there, it’s easily accessible, it’s all in one place. That’s what we wanted to provide.

Let this dispatch serve as a précis to the entire project.

To share the five pieces on Twitter, here is a thread:

Part One: The Justice & The Replacement

We show the curious connections between Justice Anthony Kennedy’s family, Donald John Trump, and the criminal underworld—including the fact that Justice Kennedy’s son, Justin, headed the real estate division for Deutsche Bank, the most corrupt bank in the world. We outline the strange circumstances that created an opening on the Supreme Court for Brett Kavanaugh.

Characters: Anthony Kennedy pere et fils; Justin Kennedy; Judge Alex Kosinski; Leonard Leo/Federalist Society.

Part Two: The Financials & the Red Flags

This is a painstakingly detailed examination of the red flags concerning his finances, which show two enormous and random influxes of revenue just before his nomination to the D.C. circuit court, in 2006, and SCOTUS, in 2018. Plus: what’s with the baseball tickets?

Characters: Brett & Ashley Kavanaugh; Everett Edward “Ed” Kavanaugh; the unnamed friends who bought the Nationals ticket packages with him

Part Three: The Basketball Coach & The Devil’s Triangle

We describe the odd nature of his confirmation hearings, which included the presence of the Catholic middle-school girls’ basketball team he coached and friends of his signaling to white supremacists, in plain view of the TV cameras. Plus": who leaked the letter?

Characters: Christine Blasey Ford; Chuck Grassley; Diane Feinstein

Part Four: The Operatives & The Op

We spotlight Brett’s intimate association with the seedy world of political ops, revealing the connection between his old friend Mark Gavreau Judge and a rogue’s gallery of dirty tricksters, whose dirty tricks ultimately helped him secure his ill-gotten seat.

Characters: Mark Judge; Chuck Johnson; Ed Whelan; Squee

Part Five: Closing Arguments & Next Steps

We summarize the case against Brett Kavanaugh, discuss the stakes of leaving him on the bench, and explain how he can be made to resign.

Characters: Leonard Leo; Richard Neal; Janet Yellen; Merrick Garland

Further Reading: “Leo the Cancer”

Leonard Leo, Opus Dei, and the radical Catholic takeover of the Supreme Court. Essential in understanding the danger of Brett Kavanaugh on the bench, and why his benefactors want him there.


Barrett, Amy Coney
SCOTUS replacement for Ruth Bader Ginsberg, passed over in favor of Brett in 2018.

Bash, Zina
In 2018, while counsel for indicted Texas AG Ken Paxton, flashed alt-right “OK” sign behind Brett at the hearing; wife to John Bash, who as U.S. Attorney for Western Texas played key role in Trump’s family separation policy.

From bufu, short for butt-fuck.

Booker, Corey
New Jersey Senator who risked censure by revealing documents related to Brett’s time at the Bush 43 White House.

“Coach K”
What Brett’s girls’ basketball team calls him—a not-so-subtle nod to longtime Duke coach Mike Krzyzewski.

Cohen, Mickey
Nicknamed “Gangster,” and was, in California and Nevada, for decades.

Devil’s Triangle
Slang for sexual congress involving two men and one woman.

Dudley, Chris
Yale basketball star who got in the bar brawl with Brett.

Easy Rider Gag List
An email forwarding list, managed by Judge Alex Kozinski, consisting of lewd jokes.

Enrich, David
Author of Dark Towers, a book about Deutsche Bank.

Eshoo, Anna
House Representative for Christine Blasey Ford’s district.

Federalist Society
Legal organization that recruits and develops conservative attorneys.

Feinstein, Diane
Ford’s Senator. In 2018, ranking member of Senate Judiciary Committee.

Ford, Christine Blasey
Brett’s accuser.

Garland, Merrick
Obama’s nominee to replace Antonin Scalia on the Supreme Court. Never got a vote. Also: Brett’s boss on the D.C. circuit.

Garrett, Chris
“Squee.” Knew both Brett and Ford in high school.

Georgetown Prep
High school alma mater of Brett, Neil Gorsuch, and Mark Judge.

Gonzales, Alberto
White House Counsel and then AG for Bush 43, worked on the torture memo and detainee laws.

Gorsuch, Neil
Brett’s classmate and colleague on SCOTUS.

Grassley, Chuck
Senator from Iowa. In 2018, Chair of Senate Judiciary Committee.

Grim, Ryan
Intercept’s Washington correspondent, ran the first story about Ford’s letter.

Johnson, Chuck
Millennial dirty GOP political operative.

Judge, Mark Gavreau
Political operative and Brett’s high school buddy. Was in the room where it happened.

Judicial Crisis Network
Leonard Leo’s PR group.

Kavanaugh, Ashley
Brett’s wife. Used to work for George W. Bush.

Kavanaugh, Everett Edward Jr.
Brett’s father. Former corporate lobbyist for the toiletries industry.

Kennedy, Anthony
Supreme Court Justice, retired.

Kennedy, Anthony J.
Anthony Kennedy’s father, Sacramento-based personal attorney for Artie Samish.

Kennedy, Justin
Anthony’s son, headed real estate division at Deutsche Bank.

Kirkland & Ellis
White-shoe law firm given to GOP bigwigs.

Kozinksi, Alex
Disgraced former Ninth Circuit Judge who was Brett’s character reference at 2006 hearing.

Ledeen, Barbara
Longtime political operative; Grassley staffer.

Ledeen, Michael
Longtime political operative.

Leo, Leonard
Radical Catholic gray eminence who put five judges on the court.

Lewinsky, Monica
Bill Clinton’s intern and paramour. It was Brett who chose to use her grand jury testimony at the impeachment.

McGahn, Don
Trump White House counsel. Nephew of Philly “casinos” lawyer Patrick McGahn.

Moscow Never Sleeps
PREVAIL’s contributor and legal analyst. A pseudonym.

Mueller, Greg
Longtime political operative.

Neal, Richard
Chair of Ways & Means Committee.

Obama, Malik
Barack’s MAGA half-brother; this was a Chuck Johnson op.

Office of Legal Counsel, in the DOJ.

Opus Dei
Secretive radical Catholic prelature.

Ramirez, Deborah
Brett’s other accuser.

Rehnquist Concurrence
Legal memo written in 2000 that Brett is trying to sneak into precedent, to give SCOTUS the power to overturn federal election results.

Roberts, John
Chief Justice, has known Brett for decades. Tossed out the 80+ ethics reports on him.

Samish, Artie
The Roy Cohn of California. Mickey Cohen’s fixer. Anthony J. Kennedy’s client.

Shaub, Walt
Former head of Office of Government Ethics.

Starr, Kenneth
Special counsel who impeached Bill Clinton.

Stone, Roger
Nixon-era dirty trickster.

Thomas, Clarence
Friend to Leonard Leo, husband to insurrection enthusiast Ginni Thomas.

Band that did the cover of “Red Red Wine,” whose lead singer was not at the New Haven dive bar when Brett got in the brawl.

Washington Nationals
Brett’s favorite baseball team.

Wasted: Tales of a Gen X Drunk
Mark Judge’s memoir.

Whelan, Ed
Longtime political operative, author of the “mistaken rapist” theory.

Whitehouse, Sheldon
Crusading Senator.

Woodward, Bob
Investigative journalist of renown. Brett was his source in Starr’s chambers during Clinton’s impeachment.


Photo credit: Jeff Kubina via Wikipedia. The front facade of the Supreme Court building.