The traitors are easy to spot. PREVAIL shows you how.

For four years, the United States was held hostage by a criminal con man—a money launderer for the mob, a handmaiden of Vladimir Putin, and the gravest threat to the republic since the Civil War. The goal of PREVAIL is to expose the crimes of Trump and his collaborators—not just the Juniors and Jareds and Giulianis, but the less obvious traitors as well.

The focus will not be on breaking new ground as much as going back and carefully reviewing what has already happened, and providing context. The lack of reporting on context, on the Big Picture, on how the dots connect, is arguably mainstream media’s greatest failing in the Age of Trump. PREVAIL aspires to correct that mistake, providing context for the assault on democracy we just experienced.

Columns run on PREVAIL every Tuesday and Friday, with Friday’s column being a supplement to the weekly podcast that also drops on Friday. On the weekend, I run “Sunday Pages,” in which we depart the ugly world of Trump/Russia for a respite in literature. I share poems, novel excerpts, and more.

Occasionally, PREVAIL features work by contributing writers. These contributors are paid for their work.

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