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Ders classified docs buried in dat der casket!

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Jees Louise, Greg. It's a good thing you haven't left for vacation yet!

But let us not forget about the Milley letter as reported in The New Yorker yesterday. Here it is with no paywall:

"I regret to inform you that I intend to resign as your Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. Thank you for the honor of appointing me as senior ranking officer. The events of the last couple weeks have caused me to do deep soul-searching, and I can no longer faithfully support and execute your orders as Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. It is my belief that you were doing great and irreparable harm to my country. I believe that you have made a concerted effort over time to politicize the United States military. I thought that I could change that. I’ve come to the realization that I cannot, and I need to step aside and let someone else try to do that.

"Second, you are using the military to create fear in the minds of the people—and we are trying to protect the American people. I cannot stand idly by and participate in that attack, verbally or otherwise, on the American people. The American people trust their military and they trust us to protect them against all enemies, foreign and domestic, and our military will do just that. We will not turn our back on the American people.

"Third, I swore an oath to the Constitution of the United States and embodied within that Constitution is the idea that says that all men and women are created equal. All men and women are created equal, no matter who you are, whether you are white or Black, Asian, Indian, no matter the color of your skin, no matter if you’re gay, straight or something in between. It doesn’t matter if you’re Catholic, Protestant, Muslim, Jew, or choose not to believe. None of that matters. It doesn’t matter what country you came from, what your last name is—what matters is we’re Americans. We’re all Americans. That under these colors of red, white, and blue—the colors that my parents fought for in World War II—means something around the world. It’s obvious to me that you don’t think of those colors the same way I do. It’s obvious to me that you don’t hold those values dear and the cause that I serve.

"And lastly it is my deeply held belief that you’re ruining the international order, and causing significant damage to our country overseas, that was fought for so hard by the Greatest Generation that they instituted in 1945. Between 1914 and 1945, 150 million people were slaughtered in the conduct of war. They were slaughtered because of tyrannies and dictatorships. That generation, like every generation, has fought against that, has fought against fascism, has fought against Nazism, has fought against extremism. It’s now obvious to me that you don’t understand that world order. You don’t understand what the war was all about. In fact, you subscribe to many of the principles that we fought against. And I cannot be a party to that. It is with deep regret that I hereby submit my letter of resignation."


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All I can say is -- TikTok muthafukka. This is how it feels as the walls close in. djt is going to jail

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It was a raid. No word mincing. A raid is an unannounced incursion onto somebody else’s property conducted with overwhelming force for the purpose of removing evidence from that person’s possession. I expect the next raid will be to several properties in New York and New Jersey. Heaven help him if he’s pissed off the archivists by absconding with government documents. You DO NOT want to steal from an archivist. And we know he could never resist waving “top secret” documents around at his guests to impress them with his power, the braggart. What we all want, though, is the arrest warrant.

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So delicious that FBI searched his clubhouse on the anniversary of Nixon announcement that he was resigning the presidency!! Great piece as always Greg! Sorry about that vacation/downtime you were planning. Carry on.

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Has anyone tried standing near Ivana’s grave and dialed some of the burner numbers from Jan 6th? Asking for a friend…

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They opened your safe? Now you know what it feels like to be grabbed by the pussy, you motherfucker.

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What if Ivana is not even dead, and she was sent away with all the documents? - Nah. Clearly, I am not a good storyteller, but I like to let my mind wander 🙂

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Aug 9, 2022·edited Aug 9, 2022

Wait, Kim and Pete are no longer? I'm absolutely SHOCKED!!!

I danced a little yesterday, but since Trump has been coated with Teflon for many decades, I'll wait to do the full Superior Dance when he's indicted, tried, and convicted of.... well, who knows, there's so much from which to choose. The MAGAts are FURIOUS! Just for fun, I looked in on Gateway Pundit last night and the Comments section should be investigated by the FBI. They're STILL in denial about Jan 6th, while they, quite openly, plan another one. For the time I was there (about 10 minutes), I can't count the times I saw, "locked and loaded" or "L&L." Not know for their subtlety or use of metaphorical speech, I guess when they get up off the couch, they're planning on "gettin' 'er done."

Let's just hope that wherever the attack is, law enforcement uses real bullets this time. SOOOOOO sick of these traitors, and yes, you can SURELY spot them easily.

Have a great vacation, Greg! Get off the grid for a while, I dare you! lol

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I could do this all day 😊

Thank you Greg!

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I noticed at the bottom of tRump's announcement was the ubiquitous 'Donate to Save America' button. And so the grift goes on....Today, I find myself cautiously optimistic that we will, some day soon, see his contemptuous ass held accountable!

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Greg, great scribbling. I hope your wildest thoughts about Trump going down become reality.


Would Trump be stupid or arrogant enough to STILL be hoarding documents illegally?

The search warrant probable cause may stem from the fact he had been and now something has occurred to make a judge agree he MIGHT still have more?

Manafort had emerged from the rat cellar.

Look for him to be helping Trump win in 2024.

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I can't believe I never noticed this before until you cited someone's tweet: the acronym for Mar-a-Lago is... MAL. Couldn't be more appropriate.

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I was in my kitchen cooking last night and I decided to turn the tv on to see if anything was going on in the world (I've had a very stressful past few days!). My husband had it tuned to CNBC and Shep Smith was announcing that the FBI had "raided" Maralago. I BURST out laughing! Laughing with glee, with surprise, with relief! All the more funny that I would find out this golden nugget of news from Shepard Smith of all people! My next thought was "I can't wait to hear what Greg (and everyone in this community) has to say about this!" Thank you for writing this before your vacation! I hope you and your family get some rest and peace before we fall into the midterms.

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Why is everyone getting their panties in a twist about the FBI raiding Mer-de Lago?

It was a raid. The FBI raided Trump’s house.

Of course it was legal. Of course it was legit. Of course we are not a banana republic. Well, at least since Trump finally left the White House. That pot is always calling the kettle black. That racist said that Letitia James is racist. That corrupt dirtbag, the most corrupt president in US history, calls other people corrupt and dirty.

This garbage dump was trying to ruin the institutions in our democracy and is the number one example of corrupt leadership we have had. His m.o. is to accuse everyone else of what he does every day: racism, sexism and misogyny, the works.

And yes, as Greg says, everything he does is for money. I’m sure he took those presidential documents because they have financial value. We know he blackmailed Zelensky because of favors and money from Putin. Everything, absolutely everything, that he does is for money. His entire four years in the WH is for grift.

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Today's column is a tour de force. Thank you.

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