Unreal love it

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Jan 26, 2021Liked by Greg Olear

“But here’s the rub: the truth always prevails”

By the time the first lie is debunked there are five more lies to take it’s place. Lies spread and multiply exponentially faster than truth because humans are incredibly primed to believe them over the truth. So one has to wonder, if the truth is it being drowned out in the cacophony of lies, is the truth actually prevailing?

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My Q-sister is feeding info to my elderly mother with cancer & now she doesn't want to get the vaccine. I'm 1000 miles away and can't seem to do much via phone. At what point do you throw your hands up in surrender??

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Heavy stuff ..

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The truth is relentless.

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Jan 27, 2021Liked by Greg Olear

Greg you are such a talented writer! I appreciate this and your commentary in the Zoom salons on Narativ with Zev, LB and your guests.

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Hi Greg, been thinking about this article ever since you posted it. Here's what I put on HCR just now:

A few years back, I woke up with a dream of Trump's world. You could say it was a look into the world that inspired the QAnon myth. The details are too lengthy to post here, but the dream was so vivid I had to write it all down. Suffice to say it was a look into the hideous world of amoral wealth.

Over on one of my other hangouts, Greg Olear attempted to do justice to QAnon.


We tend to disparage and discount what we don't understand. It is so easy to criticize QAnon and rip it to shreds. Even Greg Olear posted an article by a good friend who ridicules the hell out of it. [N.B. Sean Beaudoin article January 17, 2021]

Here's the problem. 74 million Americans voted for Tя☭mp. All of QAnon voted for him, and then they went into the U.S. Capitol, OUR HOUSE, and damaged it.

I think it's a mistake to just dismiss or mock QAnon. During most of my life, Americans turned away from anything Hitler and Nazi. Well, look how pertinent the Hitler Administration and the NSDAP has become in this phase of our history.

Treat it like a story. I'm in the middle of producing a work of fiction, so I am into stories these days.

QAnon, the story, did not arise out of thin air. There is a ring of pedophiles in the circles of east coast elites. Maybe they don't drink the blood of children in the physical, but they certainly drink the blood of the people of this country in the abstract. The billionaires are parasites. They suck the blood and the life out of this country like they suck the money out of it.

Anyway, I'm not suggesting we all go out there and immerse ourselves in the Q culture, that's not healthy. But from afar, you can treat it like a metaphor or an abstraction, and suddenly it begins to take on a lot more meaning. Are Bezos and Zuckerberg cannibalizing innocents? Absolutely, it would be difficult to argue that statement.

Maybe I am going too far out on a limb, but if you turn the QAnon stories into an economic metaphor, it begins to make some very interesting sense.

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