As you say, what, after all, does it take to focus the political will of the US into a force for good when we are undermined by Greenes, Gaetzes, and Cruzes at home? It does seem like time is right for armed physical response to Russian atrocities, but we have a good bit of trash in the way here at home that obstructs us even more. I suppose the old way of dealing with failed leaders by executing them in the courtyard was actually reasonable, or, anyway should be tried with tfg. We can’t help Ukraine if we can’t help ourselves, and the consequences of our spineless political will here at home is as responsible for Russian atrocities as Putin is. Bottom line: we let him do it. We. The people of these united states.

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My favorite article. Putin is the epicenter of evil, misery, death, pain, and suffering. He is our generation's Satan. I concur, no fly zones around the power plants!

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With our advanced weaponry and intel, this

should have been a problem that’s been erased years ago! MTG is peerless in vacuous idiocy certainly! However, the means to end Putins genocidal reign shouldn’t be so complicated!

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Biden will be criticized by the right no matter what he does. So as my long lost Daddy used to say, "If I'm gonna have the name, I'm gonna have the game." Bring it on, Mr. President.

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Putin is a thief and a thug, but eliminating him alone is not satisfactory. We must *defang* the Russian beast by elimination of the strategic threat. First strike is the safest, best option

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We are on the precipice of so much disaster - climate catastrophe, fascism here and abroad, destruction of our institutions, evil fomented by Putin, trump and their ilk - it’s a struggle to put one foot in front of the other some days. Breathe.

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Really nice work, Greg. Lovely summary.

If I take the luxury of looking back on your Putin exposés, you have been raising the alarm about this heinous person and his threat to international peace and democracy, and now his demise is imminent. A full circle.

A national leader does not act in isolation. In my opinion, it is the weakness of the Russian people that has allowed this criminal, completely corrupt national hierarchy to develop. And, as with any corrupt hierarchy, it is doomed to fall. All of the economic and international benefits accrued to Russia since 1989 are being wiped out.

Deposing Putin has to come from within. He is Russia’s leader, and only Russia, the people of the Russian Federation of (?Nation-) States, can remove him in a way that is healthy for the future of the country.

Also, I want to speak up for the Russian generals, who I don’t believe are fundamentally weak. They have been forced to operate, like so many people in Russia, in an Orwellian and criminal hierarchy. Of course that system has caused them to fail, as it must, but a new and democratic Russia would naturally build a courageous military with integrity, and an economy and government with integrity, what we call a “democratic“ society.

Pull out the popcorn, because nobody really knows what’s happening next. Is the Russian Federation going to disintegrate like the Soviet Union into independent nations? What will happen to Putin and his cronies? How will the police state evolve, what will it turn into, what happens to the FSB? What will become of Russia’s diplomatic relationship with its neighbors? Will members of the political and military hierarchy sabotage nuclear orders, or other orders?


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“In America, Putin’s goal of disintegrating the United States may well come true. That was the ultimate purpose in installing Donald John Trump as president: to destroy us.”

Sure, using Russian sledgehammers, Trump did damage to US institutions. He ruined careers and lives. But then, his presence gave US voters, half of whom don’t even show up, an excuse to come out of their lethargy.

Trump is major trouble, because he has no moral foundation. He is the consummate criminal. Putin is also the consummate criminal, amoral as Hitler, and as with any person or system lacking integrity, it has to fail.

The world is going through another of William Dozier’s Batman episodes. The dark version. Putin is the Penguin, Trump is the Riddler (minus literacy). They work together in at least one pair of episodes. The difference is that they both have thousands and thousands of supporters, like the goofy little team members in pajama suits which follow around their boss.

I’m just not wired to be alarmist. Maybe that’s why I’m here, to represent the confidence in the good guys prevailing.

In the same year, the Penguin and the Riddler are going down.

🍿 🍿 🍿 🍿

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Greg, as usual, a spot on summary. Perhaps Trump is so enamored with the strongmen of the world because his lizard brain knows them well: they are all at their most inner cores nothing more than trumped up (pun intended) criminals. Unlike vanished kingdoms of old, the ones of today, which sadly might include our own, will someday also disappear when unbridled avarice outstrips available spoils.

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Putin's war has been going on for 215 days, and make no mistake, this is solely PUTIN'S war. If he were taken out, the war would stop. I don't believe there is anyone in the Russian hierarchy right now that sees any sense to this, so it would stop. That Putinbunker palace on the Black Sea looks pretty big and shiny -- something that could be seen from, I don't know, an orbit low enough to strike accurately, but high enough not to trigger Russian defense systems, and would also solve the mold problem. There is either a movie, or the end of a heinous war in there somewhere.

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Russia has had the rotten luck to be colonized over the centuries by its own monster-types. Except in the dark arts, it's never put enough work into developing a big-nation personality that deals in nuance. So in its self-reduced circumstances, Russia relaxed & decided that it might as well live its best life as a shitheel town while it still has that option. But Putin's not the only Putin there and I view racism here at home as more of why we can't all have every nice thing all at once, all the time.

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The U S has the tools to. Ayman al-SawAhiri


I restate A dead Putin would quickly see the collapse of his Peter the Great scheme.

The problem wirh "First Strike" is "collateral damage."

It might be acceptable to some who think Earth has to many humans.

If a first strike appears imminent, i suggest a cave in Afghanistain and at least 2 goats

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"Excellent " i said.

Someone adivised he/she liked my comment.

Is Someones first name, Anonymous.

Since i use my Real name

i easily give up my email address.

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My theory of desperate Trump-Putin-Mob plan to grab Ukraine

(including the reason for the desperate Jan 6th insurrection)

1. Putin and the Russian mob have been lusting after the resources (Donbas natural gas, energy pipelines) of Ukraine for years. Excellent video on Russian total dependence on oil/gas revenues: https://youtu.be/Eo6w5R6Uo8Y

1b. Yanukovich failed to protect Putin's monopoly interests, thus war. Even better if there are NO UKRAINIANS LEFT to interfere with the mob's rape of Ukraine. Thus, the ongoing GENOCIDE.

2. To successfully steal democratic Ukraine, NATO must be neutralised or weakened significantly.

3. Seeing an opportunity to get a Russian stooge, Trump, into the White House would mean a possibility of prising the USA out of NATO.

4. The long term planning was set for early 2022 to invade Ukraine.

5. However, Trump flubbed it and lost.

6. So by any means possible, including insurrection, false electors, ballot ninja shenanigans etc, Trump (and many, many GOP and Russian-paid or blackmailed agents) must get another crack at getting the USA out of NATO before the tanks roll.

7. Trump continues to serve his master, the Russian mob, to this day, still trying to overturn the election, but just too late.

8. Note that Trump will surely flee to Moscow before being quietly arrested in the USA, but not as a Hero of the New Putin USSR.

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Yes. May his days on earth be numbered.

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'...The international order will demand a war crimes tribunal if he survives the war. ...'(article)

March 2023

ICC issues warrant for Putin

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