Explain to me why this is NOT a stupid question. Granting that everything you've written is true, why are our US Intelligence agencies sanctioning/enabling/complicit in this horror show? We've been content (and I'd suggest lazy enough) to blame it all on Trump and his Republican enablers, but at what point does US Intelligence Community have to begin accepting responsibility?

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From this day forward, before launching into tales of Trump's latest shenanigans, the media needs to pose the right question: "What would Putin want in this instance?"

Then detail Trump's Outrage of the Day.

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I am totally astonished that I am writing only the fourth post here.

This article of yours Greg must be the most important article of the last four years. Comprehensive, tells you what you need to know, and lays it out simply and neatly.

And not a single major news organization is reporting this.

So much for the 4th Estate. Either bought and paid for by the opposition, or they’re stupid as hell. I’m going to have to go with corrupt, because I don’t think they’re stupid.

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Let me be clear: the single most central, the single most essential news report IN EXISTENCE that I have seen regarding this Administration.

I cannot heap enough praise on you or have more respect for your work than I do. You and your work have exhausted my reserve of superlatives.

Thank you, Greg, from the bottom of my heart.

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"So how did a Queens-born front-man and mob money launderer, whose business was overwhelmingly domestic, wind up an asset of a hostile foreign government?"

From this point forward, we are looking at what should be, could be, the founding entry in a Pure Integrity Encyclopedia, the "Donald J. Trump" entry with cross-reference to "Vladimir Putin".

NakedTruthpedia entry.

Donald J. Trump, his career and personal history in a nutshell, with spotlight on his conversion to Putin's stooge and henchman.

I am still taking in this information, despite having read it days ago. Of course I have known bits and pieces, many pieces. Not Mogilevich, not Khodorkovsky-Putin "Half of Everything" story, but much of the rest.

It's breath-taking.

Greg asserts that Putin might be the richest man in the world. I have been thinking this way, wondering about this possibility, for months and months. And now, here it is, in black and white.

Confirmation. Again.

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