Thank you, Greg Olear. Huge thank you's and standing ovations to "Lincoln's Bible" for all her research and efforts to bring this story to light. I so hope one of the people she mentions that follow her work who are "the good guys" see this, and finally decide that now is the time. And most of all, I hope and pray (to any deity that still listens) that if one of them does that, it is not already too late. Thank you.

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Been waiting for this and LB doesn't disappoint. Should we now look to Judge Reggie Walton to be a savior? I'd prefer the delicious irony of a woman saving our world, but would be ok with Walton at least opening the door for her...

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Apr 21, 2020Liked by Greg Olear

So much to consider and devastatingly on target. Hoping LB will eventually feel safe enough to have a public role in leadership. Thank you Greg.

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Apr 22, 2020Liked by Greg Olear

It took me all damn day to read this because I have been sent back to work. And when I got to the part about Obama I literally said “Exactly” out loud. I’ve been saying this since the election since the inauguration. To anyone who would listen, any to many who didn’t want to listen. But. BUT there’s still the matter of our intelligence agents continuing holding on to this secret while thousands of Americans die. And then there’s every legitimate prior POTUS. They were elected to lead our country, yet they also remain silent. Surely they each would have had knowledge or a suspicion? If former POTUS’ stop caring about the country after they’ve left office... Why are we electing them?

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Thank you LB and GO for this.

To LB's plea for the IC to come forward, I would add a horrifying reality for them to consider:


The virus is Trump's Zyklon B gas.

Please help us.

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Thanks you both for your continuous effort to expose the black mold which has grown over the white house. I have often found myself wondering the same thing about our CI. Does it exist to perpetuate itself or to preserve our Republic? Where will they all go if the mold takes over? Their current failure to save this country does smack of patriotism but its opposite, making us all wonder if they have somehow been infiltrated as well. Right now, they are allowing murder and doing nothing. That does not earn respect.

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Apr 23, 2020Liked by Greg Olear

Great articles. I've been wondering a lot about Trump's mental and physical health, along with alleged drug abuse (adderal). He really seems incomprehensible at times, and frankly almost unable to stand up without grabbing the podium.

Trumps dad died of Alzheimers. With all the rumors, with smoke there's fire, wouldn't someone be concerned Trump himself would brag or at least talk about being a CI? What happens to Putins plan, whatever it is, if Trump becomes incompetent? Pence??? Junior? Yuch!!

For that matter, I didn't think Mueller looked well when he testified in public. I keep expecting to hear he has terminal cancer, or has died. He seemed in very poor health to me.

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Apr 25, 2020Liked by Greg Olear

Lincoln's Bible should understand me, because I was in similar shoes as hers in the 80s in Eastern Europe. Having this connection I hope she will pass this message on: in the late '80 the IC community in EE was very well aware of foreign attempts to stir the "revolutions" that brought governments and dictators down. People died in 1989. For freedom. And knowing that I find despicable that the IC community in the US sit on the sides letting 50,000 die from the coronavirus. And they let children die in cages. And they let white supremacy get stronger. And they let Trump sell seats on the Supreme Court. They're not maintaining the rule of law. They're contributing to the destruction of the USA. The patriots in EE are turning in their graves seeing what the IC lets happen to the United States these days.

Please convey the message.

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Apr 25, 2020Liked by Greg Olear

Thank you, GO & LB, for these incredible stories. There’s so much irony here that it makes my head spin. It begins with the cruelest irony I can think of and that’s DJT’s full-on assault of the IC and the press, painting both communities as “enemies.” If you were to ask any MAGA why they support DJT, they’d say because he’s exposed the corruption of the deep state and has held the press accountable for their lies, etc. But the truth is (and his supporters can’t see it), he’s the wolf in the hen house. No doubt his private, undocumented meetings with Putin have been nothing short of mentoring sessions. DJT might be owned by Putin and might continue to serve as his very useful idiot if he, too, could have the same kind of power and wealth as Putin. DJT wants it all, no matter the price. So taking a page out of Putin’s playbook, disparaging the media and assaulting the credibility of the IC leaves both communities limp if they were to turn on him. The damage is done because DJT supporters hate what have always been credible news agencies and they think the IC is part of the deep state, so any revelation on their part would just be one more “fake news” story contrived to ruin his presidency. And on the other hand, what happens when the the rest of the Country who trust the media and the IC (not to mention former beloved Presidents and other public servants) find out that they’ve known all along that DJT was the ultimate threat to our Republic and did nothing to to stop him? Again, their credibility would be shot. It just boggles my mind to think about how deep and unfortunate it all is.

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May 2, 2020Liked by Greg Olear

Wow! This is just the tip of the iceberg so to speak. I think of all of the people enabling him including Rupert Murdock/Fox News, Breitbart, etc. the Republican party, and their constituents who are all buying into this. As a documentary filmmaker and sound artist, I'd love to help document the unveiling of this.

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Really amazing article; thank you, Greg Olear & Lincoln's Bible. All three of the articles in this series are...just mind-boggling. I could only think of two words while reading that closing plea for some TS/SCI/SAP-cleared IC individual to come forward & disclose the truth about the orange hellbeast to the world. Those words are: Reality Winner. I mean, unless you just got a terminal cancer diagnosis & knew you had only 6 months to live, would YOU print or otherwise save off evidence, smuggle it out of a SCIF, send it to some news outlet that's promised to keep your cover (like they promised Reality W.) & be able to sleep at night while waiting for the FBI or U.S. Marshals to break down your door & arrest you? It's too huge a chance for 99.99999% of IC professionals to take. You do that & your life as you've known it = O.V.E.R. They WILL figure out it's you & you WILL be arrested, have your security certificates pulled, be charged, jailed, tried, & sentenced. Maybe, if you're lucky, a few fellow Americans will think of you as a hero & mail the occasional card or letter to you in the slammer... THAT'S the reality, and none of us are winners...

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Dear LB,

I love you. You are a dear sweetheart and a wonderful human being. I would love to give you a big hug, pandemic be damned.

I’m sorry that you feel persecuted, or misunderstood or not believed. I believe everything you’re saying. You obviously know what you’re talking about.

One of the hardest things about being human is not having an anchor. The heart provides that anchor. Find your anchor. Find your heart.

We live in a very disturbing world, and the mind is not qualified to provide stability. The mind is just going to freak out when it sees the truth. So when we reach this level of emotional uncertainty or crisis or fear/terror, a perfectly natural response to the severity of how disturbing all this information is, we need to find and rest in our own personal sanctuary. There is a place, accessible to each of us, where we find security and sanctuary. That’s why Salaam Aleikum (sp?) is a greeting, a greeting with tremendous practical application. Peace unto you. May you find peace in the midst of all the craziness, in the midst of the horror. May you find love and sanctuary and peace. May you find your heart, your own personal sanctuary, in which you may rest and recover, like an oasis.

Being outraged is a completely natural response to all this wickedly immoral and criminal activity. That outrage shows up as fury, rage, and the use of profanity. If you don’t have feelings about all this wickedness, if you don’t feel compelled at times to use profanity to express your outrage, then you are damaged. Your moral sense is muted or injured or non-functional. Case in point all these criminals.

Use whatever profanity you must. As far as I’m concerned, it’s an honest and natural response, an expression of outrage at the magnitude of the horror.

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Dear IC and justice professionals:

While I was reading and listening to LB’s desperate appeals, I was thinking about how to speak to our desk nerds. Both you and Greg alluded to it late in the interview:

Cowardice. Courage. Are you a coward? Or are you a warrior, a woman of courage, a man of courage?

Why did you join the Justice Department? Why did you join the FBI? The CIA, NSA, DHS, State, et al? Why did you join your law and justice agency, your home-away-from-home, the workplace that you’re so proud of, the workplace that you love?

Your conscience, your moral compass, your guide, your soul is what brought you to the job and the career that you now have. Remember why you came to this line of work. Remember what inspired you to join the agency, the department, that you now serve for the good of the American people.

Are you best serving the American people? Are you best serving the country and culture that you love, that we all love, the land of the free? Remember also that this is the home of the brave. Those are not just wimpy little words. Those are living words, words with force, consequence, impact. Being brave is *hard*. It takes *courage* to speak, to act, in accordance with one’s conscience and for the good of America. It takes courage (coeur-age) to be a warrior, a warrior of the heart.

Do you have what it takes to serve America? Do you have courage?

LB keeps talking about secrecy. Secrecy is not a virtue. Transparency, the light of day, the light of truth, honesty: those are virtues. Being silent is the easy way out, from the human perspective. But life, the soul, abhors silence and secrecy. Life is like the exuberant child: play, having fun, wonder, awe, joy. Being open and free and transparent and innocent.

I’m not saying be naïve. Be innocent as the lamb (chipmunk, bird,...), but also wise as the serpent/fox. Use your ingenuity to find a way to have your work matter: get the info to the right people, or to the public.

While you’re doing your job, remember what inspired you to serve. Be ingenious. Find a way to have your knowledge matter in the world.

To hell with the people who have a problem with leaks. Every professional in public service can have a major beneficial impact on public awareness, and on the America that you serve. Remember that duty. That duty to your conscience, and that duty to your fellow Americans. Do what’s right. Just be ingenious, be clever, and find a smart way to do it. Protect yourself in the process. You’re smart. Figure out how to do it safely, or as safely as you can.

Look what happens when Congress interviews public service professionals. It has a huge impact on America‘s consciousness. A huge positive impact. They are treated like heroes, because speaking up takes courage.

You’ll never catch me having a security clearance. Never. That’s making a pact with the devil. Why voluntarily give up your freedom of speech? Think about it. It’s unconstitutional. It ties your hands. It allows crime to fester and grow.

Renounce your vow of secrecy.

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Dear Public Servants, and Those of You Who Love Them,

Get yourself a copy of John F Kennedy’s “Profiles in Courage.”

If you have a loved one who is a public servant, consider the gift of JFK’s book for a birthday or for Christmas.

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This is BRILLIANT read. It makes so much sense out of the nonsense many of us wondered about regarding why people and things weren’t exposed previously like Epstein and ties to OC that average NYers and NJers knew beyond Page 6. And I’m truly hopeful. Because dismantling this man’s foundations also helps unmask. Taking down criminal enterprises that prop him up don’t hurt either. I was happy to see the NRA’s pipeline was plugged up by AG-NY James and other career prosecutors in NYS; I’d bet the foundations strategically dismantled by states where AG Barr can’t disrupt would serve properly. As he tried to make things seem as not as they are, making sure he realizes that he also swore and oath to protect and defend the Constitution may just save his soul also, if he has any left.

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AND AFTER ALL THIS… we can’t bring the ORANGE Monster, CI, Russian Asset, Criminal, Malignant Narcissist and Grand Compulsive Liar who has made our lives miserable for the last 4 years +! Why? Why Not? When?? It’s mind boggling that he’s NOT in Federal Prison yet!!! It REALLY angers me! Somebody make it stop! Who will that be?

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