It’s been awhile since I wrote, but believe me when I say that American Democracy is foremost in my mind. I’ve continued to turn the problem of “disinterest” in working to keep Democracy alive, over and over. I also believe that media are trying to make Democrats angry by their daily comments that:

a)we the people are ignoring or are apathetic to the problem,

b)the Republicans are going to win midterms and take over Congress,

c)Democrats are ready to call off the dogs and let R’s get away with murder on January 6/20.

I know that these points are far from the truth, and by now we know that all Republicans care about is power, money and will do anything-even murder-to get it.

If we are to keep our Democracy, and we MUST because American Democracy and peace within the country affects not only Americans, but the rest of the world as well. We must run campaigns as we did in 2018, ALL Dems must turn up to vote, even if we must cue for hours, it’s that important.

Greg, you have the Twitter power to reach thousands, as does @LincolnsBible and a number of others that have become leaders of truth. We cannot wait to become better informed about:

the insurrection, or

the trial of those responsible, or

even that Trumpkins/R’s stop believing in Trump

We need to organize as quickly as possible to be ready for the midterms. We can’t let R’s destroy what took centuries to build: DEMOCRACY

It may not be perfect, it’s often very messy but at least it’s “We the People” that make decisions as to the leadership and direction of our great beautiful country.

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Jan 7, 2022Liked by Greg Olear

Two thoughts:

1) I wonder if there's an estimate of how many viewers there were worldwide on January 6, 2021? I ask because there had been some speculation (I cannot remember the reporter's name or the publication) that such an effort might take place at the counting ceremony. It wasn't necessarily anticipated to be a violent overthrow, but the idea was to stop the counting and toss everything to the House, which would then, by virtue of representation of red or blue states, "call" the election for the loser instead of the winner. Based upon that concern, I was tuned in that day, which is not normal for me (I seldom watch morning TV) - and I STOOD there mesmerized and watched the violent attack in real time. I assume all the networks were tuned in - probably even, faux noise (because I'm sure they were anticipating a different outcome and were tuned in for the sheer pleasure of a coup.) My question/thought is that if this was a viewership of such magnitude - if literally MILLIONS witnessed this attack, WE THE PEOPLE were actually witnesses...witnesses who cannot be ignored, no matter how much manure trumplicans want to shovel aside. WE saw it happen and WE know who did it.

And 2) I observed an interview with Zoe Lofgren yesterday, I believe, in which the interviewer introduced her as having "extensive experience" with investigations as a lawyer. I don't know exactly what her particular branch of law might be, but her responses telegraphed (at least to me) that there is MUCH more being unearthed even as I write this. I am now wondering if in following the money trail, they are working to uncover the source(s) of dark money that financed that entire debacle and that continue to this day to finance the overthrow of our democracy. I would put Koch, the Mercers, et al at the top of the list, but I'm also guessing there's plenty of foreign money behind it too. It must be quite difficult to ferret out this information, but if the Select Committee is doing what I think they're doing, they are going for ALL the rats on the ship, ALL the traitors, not just those most obvious to those of us who saw it all go down.

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About Trump in the tent....that day, I saw a video of Trump in the tent wearing red boxing gloves. He was dancing and jousting as if he thought he was Muhammad Ali. It was absurd. It was clownish. It was unbelievable.

But I can't find that video on the web now. The link that I kept doesn't show that same video.

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No reflection on canine but the adrenaline and testosterone murderously intent boys and girls attacking the capitol were visually worse than "dogs in Heat." Is it possible to prosecute a criminally insane ex president?

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Great update -- my prediction: loquacious conspirators will sing to the Committee. GQP loses big in November

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Jan 7, 2022·edited Jan 7, 2022Liked by Greg Olear

"Professional Ratfucker Roger Stone." Thank You. Gore Won.

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tRUmp's bitterness about Biden in particular seems a lot less likely to have anything to do with Biden's being "an old man", and a lot more to do with Biden's having been VP for 8 years under tRUmp's arch-bogeyman Obama. I mean... you know tRUmp's Obama-obsession hasn't died down at all over the years; if anything it's only grown.

One thing I don't see mentioned very often in these retrospectives of the possibility of "throwing the election to the House delegations" is that there were... 26 R-majority House delegations at the time (right?), ••BUT•• one of those was the delegation from Wyoming—consisting solely of one Rep. Liz Cheney—which i think we can say with some certainty would NOT have voted for Vermilion Voldemort. That leaves 25, not enough to steal the election.

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