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I love it: "analphabetic." A word I have not seen in eons.

Also, I must lead a very sheltered life (and yes, I do and I know it): NXIVM? I googled it. Wish I hadn't. Still, better to know the enemy...

Great fun discovering Tedra Cobb on Twitter Friday and helping to get the word out about her.

Keep up the great work, Greg.

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Another one I enjoyed reading.

Followed Tedra and of course donated. I want to feel I helped the cause when she wins!

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Stefanik performances during the Ukraine hearings was purely for one person...Trump...but that person is on his way out. I’m hoping that others who have towed the line for Trump will likely get tossed under the bus and/or end up charged with aiding and abetting, or similar charges. Either way it’s the end of their political careers. Besides Nunes, Jim Jordan will likely have the worst time of it as he was particularly acerbic, he and Nunes will be held up as the poster boys for what never to do as politicians.

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'...start flinging feces in the hallowed House chamber...'(Nov. 17, 2019, article)

January 6, 2021

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