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I still wonder if Trump’s supposed past as a confidential informant plays a bearing on how this is all playing out.

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Excellent work. Yet again.

Perfect timing. Over on Heather Cox Richardson I posted about Trump, and then I look in my InBasket and here you are with this most perfect thorough treatment imaginable for my post. I’m shaking my head. So of course I linked to here.

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You wrote: "But the fact is, a year after the insurrection, two years after the emergence of covid-19 and the White House’s sabotaged response, two and a half years after both the attempt to extort the president of Ukraine and the release of the Mueller Report, three years after the murder of Jamal Khashoggi, and 35 years after he began laundering money for the Russian mob—over the course of which he raped or sexually assaulted some four dozen women—Trump has yet to be charged with a single crime.

His felonious friends and family members have been almost as fortuitous."

I'm trying my best to keep calm and not aggravate my blood pressure, but I do agree with you - this seems to be taking WAY too long. I'm hoping there ARE some secret investigations underway over at DOJ. Thank goodness for the Select Committee.

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t-Rump will be Al Caponed. The DOJ case will be tight and incontrovertible. And our military will be prepared for the civil war that follows.

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