I love all of the connections!

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Apr 12, 2022Liked by Greg Olear

Lots to digest here, but I do like your work!

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Absolutely fascinating read...

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Fascinating. Wonder where Rudy fits into this mob web now?

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Excellent article with points easily backed up by numerous obtainable sources and some in depth reading.

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For many years i have "suspected" that Rudy was close to the Gambinos. As i "suspect"

Joe Biden at 29 got a hand up from the Bufalino Crime Family and Jimmy Hoffa.

Pero, quien sabe?

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Head spinning!

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Nia, thanks for the like on my comment.

But who are we kidding? Gangs are the elphant in the rooms. There's hundereds of gangs.

If the public knew the extent of gangs they would fear for their life. Today we have Putin's gang as we had Al Capone and Lucky Lucianos gangs. Every culture has a variety of gangs.

I saw a motorcycle gang (club?) on the highway yesterday. In the 1800's

New York had the 40 Thieves while in London there was an all Female Gang called the Forty Elephants.

As my friend, Charles Bowden told folks that complained about Mexican Cartels.

He said Mexico is a Cartel.


we have the Fascist gangs and Neocon gangs and the socialist and democratic and GOP gangs and on and on.

Without a doubt its a gangbang.

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Need a chart to sort through the connections. Not sure that would help much since I don’t speak “Jimmy.” Cal seems to have a handle on it, even managing to rope Biden in on the gangbang. I guess everybody is connected and tainted. Nia makes a good point in the midst of the diatribe. Who will ask Michael Michael? BTW, the history of Serbia should make all suspicious of the future of Serbia. Sad but true…

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