Kids: Why oh why? Propaganda. Lol

Podcast: Great energy. Wonderful guests. Feel like I’m in the living room alongside you listening. But you can’t hear me when I talk back.

Sound: So fact is that no one likes their own voice when they hear a recording. Best advice ever received for on air: use your early morning bedroom voice. Lessons help with breathing, which is the key to sound.

Key to how all this happened: sociopathy.

There’s a through line from Woody Allen to Alan Dershowitz to Jeffrey Epstein to EX and Weinstein. Throw in Cosby and OJ. Sociopaths all. Brilliant manipulators, master gas lighters. They get away with it because it happens in plain sight.

My North Star on this is Dr. Martha Stout. She wrote the Sociopath Next Door back in 2006. Highly recommend. Is my professional Bible. Fifteen years ago she estimated that 6% of Americans were sociopaths. She combines literature from

psychiatry and psychology with anecdotes from her therapy practice which became, in large part, dealing with and treating the targets of sociopaths. It is fascinating reading. And, to me, it explains so much of what we are seeing.

There’s a genetic component. Think of EX’s papa. Frankly, I think we’ve increased the percentage since 2006. They keep reproducing. Consider the lack of moral core of this crowd. They have no conscience. No guilt. No accountability. No boundaries. And with their airs of entitlement, total self-involvement and ability to justify absolutely anything, they will take what they want when they want it. Rue to those who stand in their way.

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Thank you, Greg.

Hmmm... Wake up. Dershowitz is a child-molester. Of course he inserted himself into Allen+Farrow.

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Any chance you are offering a transcript of your podcast (for those of us who like to read silently with our cup of coffee)?

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I loved citjourno (and thank you for introducing me to Lincoln's Bible).

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