Thank you, Greg.

Religion is a power structure, like many other structures in society, and the greedy and deranged use them to try to fill the impossible holes within themselves, trampling the rest of us along the way.

Social reformers must realise that the greatest social evil of the last 5,000 years is RELIGION

Most social ills have roots in religious dogma, religious lies, religious hypocrisy, religious wars, religious power

Religion is a fig leaf to hide greed, prejudice, hatred and abuse

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“It’s: Rien que de la folie de merde! Leonard Leo and his cult fuckery putsch,damn! Excellent piece Greg!

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Revelation 22:18-22

My paraphrase

“Assholes that add to this word or takes away from this word will basically have all this shit dumped on them”.

This is what they are doing

The decline of church goers is amazing these days mega churches are sweating bullets because people are finding out their lies.

There is a huge contingency in the spirit filled churches that think the Catholic Church is the whore of Babylon

Me I think it’s all made up to keep people down under the thumb of man made religion and most Christian’s wouldn’t know Jesus if he was standing next to them, first off he would not be white. And everyone knows Jesus is white.

Again thank you for the heads up about the book I will read it.

Lord Acton said “absolute power will corrupt absolutely”

It does PERIOD

Christian nationalist are the same as any power groups around the world

So let them add or take away

That act alone will get them destroyed and this is part of the word they believe is true.

Time to separate church and state and start with the Catholic Church revoking their tax free status let’s start with them and move to the rest of the churches think of what their tax dollars would bring in and then of course we would move on to the 501 3 C’s NFL and the NRA crunch their asses too

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Thanks Greg. The self-justifying desire for theocracy has been an important element of this country’s political life from the Pilgrims and through the Mormons and beyond. It is always present in people who cannot use reason and logic to address their problems, because it’s easier to give credit to a god than it is to do that thinking stuff. When the Know-Nothings join with the Royalists, as they have under Trump, their toxic political power trends toward the world of Atwood’s “The Handmaid’s Tale.” Christofascist Royalists are no more Democratic and no different from Torquemada and the Spanish Inquisition. They won’t be hanging people next time. They will be burning them at the stake “for the good of their immortal souls.” And all of this driven by selective and ignorant interpretations of “Revelations.” It’s no wonder the early church prohibited peasants from reading the Bible, because the church knew the peasants would get it wrong.

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So delusional.

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It's funny you have Katherine Stewart on today, talking about this. "Funny" because just last night, I watched Frontline's 10/18/22 episode called, "Michael Flynn's Holy War," where, amongst other nonsense falling out of his traitorous mouth, he plays dumb to the idea that he's a Christian nationalist. Then of course, he ejects the AP reporter doing the interview because he didn't like the questions -- "they are dumb questions," he says. He regularly gets thousands of people in his "rallies," and appears to me to be the most dangerous one out there right now. People listen because he was a 3-star general, and like Trump shooting people on Fifth Avenue, don't seem to care about his more notorious traitorous actions against the U.S. I encourage everyone to view the episode to see what we're up against whether we win or lose on Tuesday: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lhRNDsLbOvQ

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Revelations is to religion what crack is to addicts or Harry Potter is to children or Roswell is to some believers. It's the seductive rabbit hole to which they are always drawn; the siren song of mystery and magical thinking - right there in the Bible of all places!

I really like this:

"There is a belief among many Christian nationalists in the so-called Seven Mountains Mandate—7M, for short. The eponymous septet refers to the seven arenas that control society: family, religion, education, business, government, entertainment, and media. If Christian nationalists can infiltrate, take over, and dominate those seven “mountains,” the thinking goes, they will be able to transform the country into a patriarchal, homophobic, Christofascist monarchy—Saudi Arabia with crosses. You know, just like Jesus would have wanted. Not only that, but vanquishing the normies on the summits of those seven mountains will usher in the long-awaited End Times. And what could be more fun than that?"


"What Revelations doesn’t say, but which should be obvious, is that the seven mountains are made of bullshit. Indeed, most Christians thought it was bullshit when the concept was first advanced by a trio of evangelists in 1975, not least because the next five words of Revelation 17:9 are “on which the woman sitteth,” which kind of blows up the whole “let’s establish an extremely misogynistic patriarchy” thing."

If this is their nirvana, it follows that every single effort made by these extremists is designed to have power over and dominate those women who, in their incel minds, "sitteth" on the 7M's.

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"The eminent theologian and legal scholar Lauren Boebert..." I just lost it...

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I’m sure it’s true then. There are those not at all privy to inside info in the Capitol building. Satter’s book, “The Less you know…”

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Nov 5, 2022·edited Nov 5, 2022

Cannot stop laughing, dearest Greg Olear; (in the tone as LB calls yah); and still trying to read past ... "the seven mountains ... and what's more fun than that?"

Will get back to you with an answer ... in a nanosecond ... and with gratitude for all your wordsmithing (not to forget the phenomenal Democracy karaoke)! here is what I learned:

TRUTH instead of trauma

COMMUNITY instead of chaos

BOOKS instead of bans.

Now back to happily reading, THE EMPRESS, book ... Tootles with more gratitude💙, Diana

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