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Don't forget about Moscow Mitch, his refusal to support any announcement about Russian interference in the 2016 campaign, his continued blockage of election security measures for the 2020 election, AND the Kentucky $200 million aluminum plant deal with another Russian oligarch. I wouldn't be surprised if he's the ringleader of the Prostrate Eight.

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They disgust me.

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If, given time to think, senators who aren’t tied to Trump or secretly would vote yes to impeachment and could be encouraged to do so, if they fear retribution, they needn’t because Trump will be in jail in New York State thanks to AG NY and possibly SDNY to, will have a few charges to add to Trumps jail time. Thereby, any senator up for re-election would be able to run free of Trumps comments and his derision bc of their decision

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This trip should've been on the front page of every news outlet in the country. And condemned on editorial pages. We were so tired, even then, of Trump's daily outrages that this FU from those senators to us barely registered.

It's off topic, but likely these monsters in power now have something planned for us before the election. They are too confident, too smug (think Barr and Pompeo) and too willing to crime in plain sight. The trip to Russia by this group of jackals may have been an early planning session.

I fear for my country.

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People wonder why assault weapons for insane people, are supported by the Senate, but not by 85% of Americans. This is the answer.

The reason M.T.Kalashnikov got the top prize from Stalin? for inventing the AK47 was that was their way to make sure Africa would not be governable by anyone ever.

People think there is a profit motive at work-- gun makers making money selling guns.

Not really. It's a tiny business.

There is probably much more money in pro-gun and anti-gun adverts. No matter how much you love guns, you can only buy so many, and they don't break often if you aren't in a war.

If it's not the profit motive, what is it? The lobbying and the industry must be driven by some pro-violence conspiracy... and I'm betting Russia, the folks who invented the whole idea.

THey are good at bribery and blackmail.

It doesn't hurt that the pro-AK-47 people have armed militia groups wandering around.

The behavior of the senate cannot be explained by policy.

They can't name an ideology or a voting block or a corporate sponsor they are working for.

All they do is mumble- you can't pay me enough to vote.

That's the sign of a guy who is owned. Starting with the Prostrate Eight.

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September 14, 2023

News of Romney retiring.

Waiting for a book(fiction) entitled:

"Fourth of July in Moscow, Russia"

A tale of American U.S. Senators( and 1 Rep.) who were Russian spys and U.I.s

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That's a fact. They still are in office.

I await the justice that had eluded them. The gerrymandering is one way they keep winning. Billboards should be plastered with our enemies, Domestically. Corruption in office by some who want to own us Americans by Tyrannical Rulership. Slow moving justice, how many are involved? This is a pattern of non justice for those who seek to end our rights to liberty justice and replace it with a war torn, divided Nation.

Vote Blue

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