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A perfect read for me this morning. I feel I am part of the "We" you speak of. "We have your back " "We will prevail " ... today I am here to be of service in some way...to the world 🌎...however meager...but .in the spirit of how this piece is in service to me, to us, to " We" today. Thank you so much. Love StacyO...aka Racyo on twit.

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Beautiful and empowering and very Virgoan! Thanks for sharing your medicine.

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You slay me (in a good way)! Excellent piece.

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With apologies to you for going all out political, as I know the poetess did not intend that poem to be, but that the "left" is "light" and the "right" is "dark" struck me straight out!

My cousins in NOLA have fled to Meridian, MS, where it is hoped they will find higher, drier ground. My family in FL are sheltering six relatives from NOLA, but since they are somewhat in the way of Ida, being on the Panhandle, we shall see how that goes. But the very thought of all those fleeing the storm who are now thrust together inside whatever safe havens they find is terrifying. And I cannot help but think of those desperately-ill-with-Covid babies who have flooded the pediatric ICUs in NOLA. Where will they go? What will happen to them?

I needed this dose of Prevail today. Thank you.

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My first read of the morning…uplifting❤️ Many thanks!

Looked up origin of Prevail. Interesting and also this bit.

Walos would be an excellent cat name.


Proto-Indo-European root meaning "to be strong."

It forms all or part of: ambivalence; Arnold; avail; bivalent; convalesce; countervail; Donald; equivalent; evaluation; Gerald; Harold; invalid (adj.1) "not strong, infirm;" invalid (adj.2) "of no legal force;" Isold; multivalent; polyvalent; prevalent; prevail; Reynold; Ronald; valediction; valence; Valerie; valetudinarian; valiance; valiant; valid; valor; value; Vladimir; Walter; wield.

It is the hypothetical source of/evidence for its existence is provided by: Latin valere "be strong, be well, be worth;" Old Church Slavonic vlasti "to rule over;" Lithuanian valdyti "to have power;" Celtic *walos- "ruler," Old Irish flaith "dominion," Welsh gallu "to be able;" Old English wealdan "to rule," Old High German -walt, -wald "power" (in personal names), Old Norse valdr "ruler."

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