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Unf**kingbelievable or makes perfect sense.

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After reading this, I felt like I needed therapy, just for spending this brief time inside the head of a lying monster. Is it genetic, do you think? Or a horrific combination of DNA and life and choices to dance with the devil?

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Thank you for letting me join the Prevail resistance!

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I'm old enough to remember when Carlson appeared with Bill Press on CNN's Crossfire and he was a relatively "normal" conservative talking head, not the maniacal mercenary he represents as now. Attributing today's behavior to his family's heinous dysfunction ignores that he seemingly rose above it for years. He's just another low-level mobster who's greedy enough to recognize it's more lucrative to traffic in disinformation than truth, that's his own dysfunction.

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'...The Daily Caller, a rightwing news and opinion site, is founded by Tucker and his college roommate, the political operative Neal Patel, ...' (article) published November 2021

2023 February/March

Tucker Carlson, 2023 J6 video access and then televised(edited), Congressional hearings of 'whistleblowers', $$$ from Neal Patel, comments about the tfg...

Reads like Today's news

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Apr 25, 2023·edited Apr 25, 2023

24 April 2023

Tucker Carlson leaves (Out at) Fox

Last broadcast was on Friday.

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(By Greg Olear, article)Orbán has been associated with the Russian mob since the early 90s, when he was videotaped taking a bag of money from a lieutenant of Bratva boss Semion Mogilevich.'

(Viktor Orban, praised by trump

December 16, 2023

Trump's N.H. speech.)

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