What an incredible dispatch. I can only remember a beautiful scene of Ukraine from before Putin, when there was snow, beautiful trees and peace. May it be so again, unmarried by the ugly of war…

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Hi Jeri! So nice to see you here. I am also on LFAA. Olear is one of my favorite journalists. Have a great day!

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Ditto ditto!

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That was a visceral read. Thanks for sharing her beautiful writing. Praying for her safety (and for all Ukraine) from my warm, well-lit home.

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Greg: Many thanks for "loaning" your platform to Zarina Zabrisky to impart her incredible story told in such a unique and visceral way.

Zarina: I say this with all due respect...You rock!

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You are very brave, Zarina. Thank you for doing this important work

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Every time I read Zarina’s articles I’m reminded of how peerless in vacuous idiocy Putin, and those sycophants who celebrate his demented behavior really are. She has great courage and compassion to wander into the eye of Putins insanity. Her safety is always my concern! Thanks for this Greg!

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On the ground

Excellent reporting by a Real "Reporter."

Thank you

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"Russia is an insane, sick land, in the throes of its sickness and squalor, digging its own grave. A serial killer of a country on the prowl, putting bags over people’s heads, violating plastic mannequins with the guns. The reality wrap shifted there, glitching as if a non-existent cat pulled on it with its sharp claw." ZZ

I had read her earlier commentary. With each article my anger at Russia, my patience with its continued existence has waned, my desire to see its total demise has become a conscious longing. It is a strange thing to carry such unresolved anger...and probably not a healthy one, either. Hating something only connects you more, not less. But the connection is not something I sought in the first place, either.

I had read all of Ernie Pyle's and Richard Tragaskis' WWII correspondence, the horrors of Europe and the Pacific War. My father and several uncles served in those places. I've known a Bataan Death March survivor. It is always difficult to diminish, much less forget, the horrors that precede us and, yet, return to engulf us in so many ways even when we're thousands of miles and years from the actual scene.

Yet, I find war correspondents like Zarina essential to my understanding of this life. It highlights the security I enjoy but also underscores the lingering threats that are never that far away, even in the safest of times, to me and all those I know and to my family. In a way, I suppose, we share the price Zarina and others like her endure, to bring the truth face-to-face to our lives. Part of me is so thankful that such writing and images can be shared, that such brave persons feel compelled to endure and sometimes die in the face of such a calling. There is not enough thanks to ever cover the debt.

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While i favor droning Putin and some of his buddies I'm not as quick to dispatch

Russias general population.

One can only hope that like Iran the women of Russia rise up and send Vladimir to the Gallows for killing their daughters and sons in a war created in a Putin fantasy.

Heres to the women if the world.

May they take over Afghanistan, also.

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I'm not for extermination or destroying the general population, although they are so highly propagandized they simple merge with the current power regime in many ways.

I would hope they rise up, the women and men, to demand Russia, the world's largest country, actually learns how to develop itself...something it has never really done. If it should become a democracy, so much the better. However, the malevolent structure there is extremely powerful at this point in terms of the populace.

On the other hand, the power and the leadership of the women of the world is one of the most incredibly beautiful things I had ever hoped to see in my lifetime. My grandmothers were 40 and 44 before they got the right to vote.

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I have studied and followed Russian, and Soviet history since 1962.

Only once did it appear it might slip the reins of Authortism.

Putin and his Oligarchs struck in the darkness to enrich themselves by seizing control.

Their goal has always been wealth and to murder those in the way.

I first noticed the Oligarchs in the US while in charge of a Regulatory department. The focus then was on marketing bad petroleum products.

Selling Gems and Females and acquiring barbershops among other enterprises.

Once in power Vladimir began to suffer from delusions of supreme power. Worshiping Peter and Catharine the Greats and Stalin.

Reminds me of a former US leader that allegedly keeps a copy of Mein Kampf on the night stand.

The answer to Putin will HAVE to come from Internal Russia.

That said.

The US Hegemony policies have not always be wise and have in many incidents resulted in murderous actions.

I still think some of our leaders should have paid a price for their lies that resulted in thousands of deaths including Ameticas young men and women. There are people that paint while in prison.

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In all likelihood, Pres. Putin will be assassinated, killed, put to death in Russia by Russians... by his own staff or by a senior in Moscow’s government gulag, or his chef, poisoned as he has poisoned so many... Putin is unable to trust anyone, and his control is a function of fear and grift oriented bribery. Russians generally know this. But they do not care. The nation has self-corrupted to the point where family members rat on family members, much as the do in China. Ratting is rewarded and respected and disrespected. The Orwellian regimes are all alike in this sense... and it starts with fascism... with Donald Trump getting bought by oligarchs laundering with this evil man’s real estate... think Kushner, his father, his uncle, and the Fifth Avenue bust up that was financed for him while he sat in the White House trading on Donald’s stated lust for his own daughter... and their willingness to put up with his banality...

Hannah Arendt - Banality of Evil - understood, and her history pulls no punch. She is unique among historians... and her discipline did not permit self aggrandizement...

She would never stoop to conquer...

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I agree. Good points.

However I think there are a number of Russians that do care.

As carng was recently demonstrated in US elections.

May Trump go to prison as did Jared's father.

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Zarina Zabrisky, you are so special.

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Wow, well done.

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Dec 6, 2022·edited Dec 6, 2022

Thank You! Had to share.

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This was an exceptional post. Thank you, Zarina Zabrisky, for your valiant work reporting from Ukraine. Thank you, Greg, for sharing it with us.

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The male president of Peru has been arrested and replaced by a female.


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I can feel your courage, bravery and intelligence in every word you write. Thank you for witnessing this and telling us about it. You wonder why you focus on torture. Because the world needs to know. So many people would prefer to believe it isn't happening and doesn't happen. Every person needs to know that these despicable events are happening. I only hope one day the torturers are held responsible and your accounting of events can help. Though I cannot think of an equitable punishment to atone for the torture and murder and rape that has taken place by these serial killers.

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Rape is a weapon.

Google will bring info

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