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Wonder if she went to school to speak like that?

It's ridiculous how the media doesn't go after her. How

she gets away with patents for coffins and all the other things.

She is more stiff and fake looking than pretty and demure.

Please keep writing about the Trump kids. Don't let up.

I can't believe how people still defend the Trumps.

Thanks for your article.

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BTW, I am not up on the Christie Hefner reference.

Could you enlighten?

Thank you.

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The coffin patent is the most chilling of her "business ventures". Shows their long term planning skills and is more evidence that this is a death cult running the country into the ground.

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I love your writing, bro, but I think you are missing the true underlying reason why the male dominated media refuses to hold her accountable. It has all to do with her looks and their own tiresome sexual fantasies about her (someone on twitter "got" that very early on when responding to chris cilliza of cnn - hashtag "she won't fuck you"). chump knows this and that's why he put her out front...cuz he knows that most hetero men will decide how to "cover" her based on that alone.

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(Greg Olear, article)

A business professional who spent time in Russia explained the genius of this convenient father/daughter arrangement to me: “They don’t file the same tax returns! Even if he does eventually have to turn things over—his returns, debts, penalties, etc.—what’s in her name is outside the blast radius. She’s his Swiss bank account.”

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