Delicious. Thanks Greg & LB for the roadmap. This needs to be louder than it is currently. There is a thin veil of separation of church and state and it is a flimsy veil when seven of nine (she was great sci-fi character) are Catholics. WTMF? Doesn't it seem odd that the universe turns into a pretzel when Catholics run for the presidency, but everyone is down with an Opus Dei Court? They never talk about it. never. why? It's white fear, it's money, it's power, and its a crazed federalist wet dream about preservation of white power that is diminished every single day. All the data show that diverse teams do better than ones that are not diverse, yet a few rich white men have all the GD power. As an old white woman, I'm over scared white men being in charge. They haven't done such a great job. Rewatching Kamala make Brett squirm took me back to the agony of those jammed up hearings. My sense of doom was made worse by Amy's lame confirmation lubed by Mitch McCourtPacker. I wish the Democrats were as effective at doing good as the QOP is at doing horrific. I hope we can dig like hungry gophers to get after the truth. The whole repug landscape looks like a bunch of RICO operations that work to the detriment of the citizens. Planning for a space hotel tells us all we need to know about the priorities of the folks who run the show. BTW I loved yesterday's PREVAIL. I listened as I left the Florida panhandle for NOLA. Thanks for putting the podcast out. Please bring LB back for another show. I'm grateful for your efforts here. Thanks so much for caring about us and the nation. American Democracy used to be the pinnacle of governments. I hope we can restore her luster. Joe and Kamala are off to a great start.

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That rat bastard and former supreme court justice Anthony Kennedy walked down a hall in the White House followed by a camera crew that caught the two of them speaking intently to each other as they approached the Hall where Kavanaugh would be sworn in. There has never been any audio released. It haunts me. Whatever that rat bastard said to Kennedy startled and upset him. The rat bastard tried to assuage him And pushed him toward the door that led to the hallway where the swearing in took place.

I still see that walk of shame in my dreams.

Maybe someday my angst will be relieved when the camera crew involved enhances the audio and plays it for the American public.

Methinks there was a dirty deal done. Methinks it may have involved Kennedy‘s son Justin who apparently did some financial dealings on behalf of the Trump organization at Deutsche Bank. Methinks this all must be uncovered and the rat bastard and his minions prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

Methinks that a study of Kavanaugh’s wife’s body language tells things we are uncomfortable discerning.

Methinks that we cannot afford to look away.

Methinks that in his 44 minute whine about his 10 day victimization, Boy Boof doth protest too much.

As sociopaths do...

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This has really been an amazing series. Thank you.

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The overall effect on me of this deeply-researched and so well written series is one of freezing fear for your country: when an institution like SCOTUS can be so .. easily (?) bent to the will of such bad people, what hope of justice can there be ?

And then I reflect that there are also passionately committed good people like Olear, "LB", "MSN" and many other commentators, and my anxieties are assuaged to a degree.

Oh, if ONLY the Democrats would mould themselves into one cohesive group !!!

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Chilling. Thanks to you and LB for your research and hard work. Excellent.

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Great series. Thanks again

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Great job, Greg. Thanks for writing this.

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