All that credit card debt went poof and yet no one in the GOP blinked an eye. I recall Lindsey being really mad at I-like-beer man’s confirmation hearing. What does he know? If there’s one thing I’ve learned from @lincolnsbible early, early on it’s FOLLOW THE MONEY!!!

Another really great article, you guys. Love you bunches! Thank you for all you do.

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Thank you, Greg. I'd like to point out that this horror story is the Standard Situation today for far too many Republican politicians from the SCOTUS down through DC all the way to dog catcher in East Podunk USA.

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Just an old picture of the SCOTUS


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I'm holding my breath for #3 - who owns Brett?? Wow. I'm glad there are some people "good at math!" Thanks, Greg & LB

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MUCH better than my favourite Saturday matinee of all those years ago, "The Green Arrow": we leave this episode with the spikes in the dungeon ceiling moving slowly downwards .. :D

But: "One individual, whose identity we do not know, donated over $15 million bananas to help install this guy on the Court. To be clear, this is not illegal." Good grief ! - WHY is it not illegal ? I will never be able to understand most of your laws ..

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it’s always the money trail with these ladrones. follow the dirty money.

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I am feeling calmer than probably any time since the January 6 attack. I spent half the day yesterday watching the impeachment trial. Finally I am feeling vindicated, finally the American people are being shown what happened in all its gory grandeur.

For weeks, I have been dropping posts here and on HCR and Lucian Truscott with this link:


There has been an edge of desperation. I have been upset and distressed that insufficient attention is being given to the causes of the January 6 riot, Trump's U.S. Capitol Attack. Up until this week, this one AP article has been the only news I could find which shone light into the roots of that criminal event.

And now, calling it a "criminal event" will not cause a single person here to wonder what the hell that means. There is no ambiguity left in that statement.

One of the tortures of living in this world is knowing things that other people don't know or can't see. It makes one feel like a crazy person. So when my wife introduced me to you, Greg, it was like a draught of cool clean water to a person dying of thirst. It's an oasis.

I don't feel so alone. It's therapy. Good for my mental health and peace of mind.

I am feeling true, honest pride in my government. Until recently I have never been in love with the idea of flying an American flag, because I have never felt this much love for my government and for my fellow Americans. All that has changed. I have found a deep, profound, abiding love for the American democracy and its institutions that was always there, but was obscured by the smoke of politics, and by the fog of social ignorance, which I have often despised.

The staff people who work for the House impeachment managers are my heroes this week. They are informing the American people, and the world, of the true picture of what happened leading up to January 6. The full story is emerging.

Donald Trump is a world-class criminal. No, he has not actively been a genocidal maniac like some other criminals, and even that statement will be disputed due to the suffering and loss of life and severe financial hardship caused by the epidemic that he refused to fight. But he is a world-class criminal even despite that pandemic avoidance-of-duty argument, and now the entire world is seeing it.

For once I can breathe a preliminary sigh of relief.

I am not using that phrase rhetorically. I am actually breathing sighs of relief as I share my thoughts with you.

Now the only thing missing is common knowledge of Trump's active participation in promoting Kremlin policy. One thing at a time, I suppose.

N.B. I have had to make a sacrifice to the substack gods, on the altar of No-Edit-Button. Hence the deleted post. I rewrote and improved it.

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So well laid out, Greg. I'm a federal employee & have the Thrift Savings Plan. They let you have a maximum of two loans out at any time, one specifically for a down payment on a property you intend to live in and the other as a general-purpose loan. With only $70-$80k in your TSP, you're allowed to take out no more than ~$30-$40k total (between the two loans total, not per loan). You have to pay yourself back interest for the money you removed from your account (based on the going rate the day your loan went into effect) and it all comes out automatically from 26 paychecks per year. KavaNot's story about how he got that downpayment definitely doesn't pass the smell test...like every other bald-faced lie he's told...

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I’ve read all the posts in this “Who owns” thread, but still not clear on: why didn’t the Democrats bring all of these financial questions to light during the confirmation hearings? Just because they pivoted to the sexual assault issue as their hoped for “stopper” to his nomination?

Also: I’m not clear on the inference on who made Ms Ford’s letter public, to create the sex scandal distraction away from his finances? Someone within Pelosi’s office? Someone from RNC? Other?

Any help interpreting these 2 topics greatly appreciated!

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