Sitemap - 2020 - PREVAIL by Greg Olear

Walking Shadow: The Riddle of Mike Pence

Christmas Card

Art of the New Deal: Trump is a 21st Century FDR

Sunday Pages: "When I Heard the Learn'd Astronomer"

Fascist F—kers: The Traitors Have Never Been Easier to Spot

Who's Afraid of Mitch McConnell?

Sunday Pages: "The Marriage of Heaven and Hell"

How to Fix the Supreme Court, Part Three: A is for Amy

Rudy in Reverse: A Retrospective of Wretchedness

Sunday Pages: "Rhyme for a Child Viewing a Naked Venus in a Painting of 'The Judgment of Paris'"

How to Fix the Supreme Court, Part Two: B is for Brett

How to Fix the Supreme Court, Part One: C is for Clarence

Sunday Pages: "Cloud Atlas"

What We Take Back

Mythmakers: The Men Who Created Donald J. Trump

Sunday Pages: "New York Station"

Plaguebringers: Kristi Noem and Emily Murphy Are Trying to Kill You

The Midnight (Uber) Ride of Devin Nunes

Sunday Pages: "Great Jones Street"

Trump Announces "Demand a Recount" Tour

Sunday Pages: When the Call Came

Democracy Prevails!

On Being Wrong

Sunday Pages: One-Year Anniversary Edition

The Ukraine Thing: A Timeline of GOP Betrayal

A New Hope: What Biden/Harris's America Looks Like in 2021

Sunday Pages: Halloween Special

How It Started / How It’s Going: Trump Edition

Pax Americana in Peril

Sunday Pages: "Angels in America"

Trump's Triumphs of the Will

What If He Dies?

Sunday Pages: A Letter For My Infant Son, To Be Read In Thirty Years

White House Slender Man: Because Jared Kushner's Early Crimes Went Unpunished, He Remained to Sabotage the Pandemic Response

Pale Horse: Acting President Jared Kushner, Bringer of Death

Sunday Pages: Acts of the Apostles

F—ck Giuliani: Rudy and The Red Garter

Trump's Coup Runneth Over

Sunday Pages: "Epiphany"

Review: "The Comey Rule" is Essential Viewing


Sunday Pages: "The Envoy of Mr. Cogito"

Postmobster General: It's Deceptive, It's Delinquent, It's Deplorable, It's Deliberate...It's Defective, It's De-limit, It's Debased, It's DeJoy!

Special Logistics: A (Second) Interview with Noel Casler

Sunday Pages: "The Intimacy of Racism"

Red Dawn: Election Night of the Living Dead

13 Reasons Why We Know the "Losers and Suckers" Story is True

Sunday Pages: One Last Call of Duty

101 Collaborators: Treason Power Rankings

The Man from Uncle: An Interview with Jeremy Black

Sunday Pages: The Trumpet of a Prophesy

This is What Collusion Looks Like: Paul Manafort

Alternative Con: What If Everyone at the RNC Told the Naked Truth?

Sunday Pages: Susan B. Anthony

Graveyard of Empires/Yeltsin '96

Know Your Op: Kamala Under Attack

Sunday Pages: "Hope"

Miles to Go Before I Sleep

Abandoned Ship: How a Russian Grifter Ignited the Tragedy in Beirut

Sunday Pages: "Battle Hymn of the Republic"

The Great Escape: Donald John Trump’s Exit Strategy

Blue State Genocide: Is Acting President Jared Kushner Guilty of Crimes Against Humanity?

Sunday Pages: "Beef"

Keeping Up With the Jones Act

Tit For Tat

Sunday Pages: "House of the Rising Sun"

Bountygate: Putin Kicks the Dog

She Will Rise: An Interview with Katie Hill

Sunday Pages: "My Last Duchess"

Ship Shape: Who is Scott Borgerson and What Does Ghislaine Maxwell See in Him?

Man in the Middle: Roger Stone

Sunday Pages: "Reservoir Year"

For Trump, "Deutsche" Means "Gotcha"

Too Many Smoking Guns

Sunday Pages: Fourth of July Special

Brickshitters: Who’s Afraid of Ghislaine Maxwell?

Trump & the Treason-Enabling GOP

Sunday Pages: "Totally Killer"

Cult Following: Jeffrey Epstein, NXIVM's Keith Raniere, MAGA's Donald Trump

Jeffrey Epstein: Man in the Middle

Sunday Pages: Exorcisms

June 19

O Trump, Thou Art Sick!

Sunday Pages: "City of Hate"

Vladimir the Terrible

Bill Barr: Man in the Middle

Sunday Pages: "Decalogue"

On Race & Atonement

The "Flynn as Misunderstood Patriot" Myth, Debunked

Sunday Pages: "The Flicker of Old Dreams"

Comfort & Joy

When Spooks Speak, Heed the Warning

Sunday Pages: "Post Apocalyptic To-Do List"

Theft of the Century / A Childhood in Moldova

No Happy Endings for Money Launderers

Sunday Pages: "Banned for Life"

The Masked Traitor: The Mysterious Michael Flynn

The "Trump is Winning" Narrative, Debunked

Sunday Pages: Happy Mother's Day

What Does Vladimir Putin Want?

Know Your Op: Weaponizing the Tara Reade Allegation

Sunday Pages: The Final Soliloquy of John of Gaunt

Full Disclosure: An Interview with Noel Casler

Trump Endgame: Handicapping the Possible Outcomes, Post Bleachergate

Sunday Pages: "Perfectly Broken"

Boof: The Enduring Mysteries of Brett Kavanaugh

Give Me Secrecy & Give Me Death: An Interview with Lincoln's Bible

Sunday Pages: "The Trouble with Lexie"

Vanks for Nothing

Steele Yourself Against Dossier Disinformation

Sunday Pages: A Pair of Centuries-Old Sonnets by God-Fearing Poets Named John

Waiting for Jack Bauer

From Trump to tRUmp: How the Mob’s Man Became Putin’s Puppet

Sunday Pages: "You Too Can Graduate in Three Years With a Degree in Contextual Semiotics"

Trump's to Blame for This Scared New World

Tinker, Tailor, Mobster, Trump

Sunday Pages: "The Mapmaker's War"

President Barabbas

No, Trump is NOT Going to Establish a Military Dictatorship. No, the Election is NOT Going to be Cancelled.

Sunday Pages: "Very Nice"

Corporatist Warmongers of the World, Unite!

How the MSM Failed in 2016...and Why It Continues to Fail in 2020

Sunday Pages: "Don't You Know I Love You"

Transcript from The Upcoming Biden-Sanders Debate

The Fate of the Nation Depends on Biden's VP Pick

Bern & Rave at Close of Day / Rage, Rage Against the Dying of the Campaign

Ready, Set, Joe

Going for Broke(r)

Bernie & the Nyets: The Sanders Campaign is Built to Lose

Bloody Mob Sh*t: An Interview with Lincoln's Bible

A Rogue's Gallery of Trumpromat

How to Stop Bill Barr

Primary Sources: Breaking Down the Democratic Field

Red Paul, Revisited: The Senator from Kentucky is STILL Working for Vladimir Putin

The State of the Union is Precarious

The Worst Thing About Bernie Zealots

What We Talk About When We Talk About the Russian Mob

Romney, Revisited: 2012's Unlikable Rich Guy is 2020's Trumpist Traitor

Mobsters in Transit: Saturn, Pluto, Lev Parnas, and the Russian Mafiya

Trial by Fury: 14 Questions About Trump's Impeachment

Bern After Reading: I Recognize the Sanders Active Measure Because I Fell for the Snowden Active Measure

Don't You (Forget About): Jason "iPhone" Chaffetz

52 Pick-Up: Trump the Destroyer

Know Your KGB Propaganda: An Interview with Zarina Zabrisky