Sitemap - 2023 - PREVAIL by Greg Olear

Sunday Pages: "Good Riddance, But Now What?" and "Lucas With the Lid Off"

This Is What American Fascism Will Look Like (with Brynn Tannehill)

PREVAIL: 2023 in Review

Sunday Pages: "The Magi"

Not the Shares, but the Stakes (with Rachel Slade)

Malevolent Astrology, or, Good, Good, Good, Good Vibecession

Sunday Pages: "The World of Yesterday"

Stop the Press...From Failing Again (with Steven Beschloss)

...And Justice For All (Except Trump & His Cronies)

Sunday Pages: "Zero Effect"

White House, Red Caesar (with Will Bunch)

Dark Enlightenment, Part Two: The Origins of Anti-Woke and Destruction As Revolution

Sunday Pages: "A Distant Mirror"

Lawyers, Guns, and Money (with Jack Bryan)

Dark Enlightenment, Part One: The Cathedral & the Red Caesar

Sunday Pages: "Public Opinion"

HoaXes and Lies

Sunday Pages: "Radio"

Friday First Edition

Invincible Kherson: A Photo Essay

Sunday: "Evidence"

The War We Never Wanted (with Elisa Albert)

Cui Bono? Putin.

Sunday Pages: "The Iliad"

The Age of Disorder (with Jason Pack)

The Revelation of Mike Johnson the Speaker

Sunday Pages: "Virgin and Child, or, Agnes Sorel as the Virgin"

Trump Gotchas (with Cheri Jacobus)

Bush, Biden, Bibi, and the Lessons of 9/11

Sunday Pages: "Dulce et Decorum Est"

Reprise: Weaponizing the Trauma Vortex (with Claudia Black)

Jared Unplugged

Sunday Pages: "Oh, better far to live and die"

Competing Realities (with Kathryn Cramer Brownell)

All Roads Lead to Putin

Sunday Pages: "Andor"

Washington & Kherson: A Tale of Two Cities (with Zarina Zabrisky)

The Fall of Nagorno-Karabakh

Sunday Pages: "The New Colossus" and "1492"

Labor Intensive (with Nelson Lichtenstein)

The Ballad of Bob & Nadine

Sunday Pages: "President Rapist: Women Under Trump"

Guardians and Sages (with Ronlyn Domingue)

Republicans in Name Only: The Old GOP is No More

Sunday Pages: "Sweet Child O'Mine"

Aaron-Donald, Or, Cult Without a Leader (with Tony Michaels)

Begone With You, You Shod and Shady Senators

Sunday Pages: "The Charge of the Light Brigade"

Crimean War and Peace (with Elina Beketova)

The Pickle, the Prince & the Pot, or, The Saudi Courtship of Jared Kushner

Sunday Pages: "Margaritaville"

Acting Presidents & Lone Star Sedition (with Ruth Ben-Ghiat)

The Elephant in the Room

Sunday Pages: "Kubla Khan, Or, a Vision in a Dream. A Fragment."

The Multiverse of Crazy (with Denver Riggleman)

Rebel, Rebel: Coach Tuberville, Senator Tuberville

Sunday Pages: "The Hunters"

Popcorn Gif

Meet the Defendants!

Sunday Pages: "Pittsburgh"

The Vault: Ukraine Episodes

Index: Four Seasons Total Rudy Giuliani

Sunday Pages: Down the Shore

This Is His Third Indictment

Index: Leonard Leo

Sunday Pages: "The Left Hand of Darkness"

The 58th Episode of "The Five 8"

One, Two, Three Indictments, You're Out?

Sunday Pages: "Oppenheimer"

Demagogue for President—Again (with Jennifer Mercieca)

American Bastille Day

Sunday Pages: "Cure For Pain"

Too Big To Care (with Tom Kemp)

Revisiting Trump's Pardons

Sunday Pages: "So Long"

What Is Corruption? (with Alex Aronson)

Leonard Leo: Man in the Middle, Part II

Sunday Pages: "The Anthologist"

Where's Kamala? She's Everywhere! (with Candidly Tiff)

Leonard Leo: Man in the Middle, Part I

Sunday Pages: "The Road"

Operation Killjoy

Third Party Poopers

Sunday Pages: "Success Stories of a Failure Analyst"

The Arraignment Will Not Be Televised (with Gal Suburban)

American Huckster

Sunday Pages: "The Third Man"

The Trump Tower Meeting Was Seven Years Ago Today (with Cliff Schecter)

Unsolved Mysteries of the Trump Years, Vol. 1

Sunday Pages: "In Case of Failure"

Making It In America (with Rachel Slade)

Justice Undone: Clemency Decisions in the Trump White House

Sunday Pages: "General Order No. 11"

Europe's War (with Arthur Snell)

Durham Bull

Sunday Pages: "Ozymandias"

The Dark Seid

Handicapping the GOP White House Hopefuls

Sunday Pages: "Mother's Little Helper"

What Ukraine Means for the Future of Taiwan (with John Fowler)

The GOPyramid: A Hierarchy of Republican Priorities

Sunday Pages: "Bullet in the Brain"

Crown Dependencies (with Will Sebag-Montefiore)

Robes Gallery

Sunday Pages: "The Second Coming"

The 1850s Redux (with Elwood Watson)

Ukraine Dispatch: Hamlet, Kharkiv

Sunday Pages: "Sunny Afternoon"

Jin, Jiyan, Azadî! (with Samira Ghaderi)

Ginni the Moocher

Sunday Pages: "Night Owl"

Uh-Oh, Canada (with Max Fawcett)

Clarence Thomas and Other Crow Holdings

Sunday Pages: Saviors

Stormy Weather (with Mark Plotkin)

Dearth & Taxes: Trump By the Numbers

Sunday Pages: "War & Peace"

Peak Crazy (with Aja Raden)

The Trump Crime Syndicate

Sunday Pages: "Less Than Zero"

Settling Scores: Strippers, Sicilians, Serbs, and Street Wars (with Nia Molinari)

Good Crises Gone to Waste

Sunday Pages: "Everywhere I Go"

Biden or Bust (with Cliff Schecter)

Leonard Leo's Unheavenly Rewards

Sunday Pages: "Rosalita (Come Out Tonight)"

Fox "News" and the Jokerfication of Tucker Carlson (with Kat Abughazaleh)

Rudy in Reverse: Reprising a Retrospective of Wretchedness

Sunday Pages: "Othello"

The Madoff Mysteries (with Jim Campbell)

Hey! Putin! Leave Ukraine Alone!

Sunday Pages: "The Great Gatsby"

The Time Trump Tried to Withdraw from the WHO (with Katherine Eban)

Texas Corruption: Ken Paxton is Above the Law

Sunday Pages: "Do You Know the Way to San Jose?"

Friday Reprise #3: Strongmen

This Is What Collusion Looks Like: Paul Manafort (Reprise)

Sunday Pages: "Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe"

Friday Reprise #2: Four Villains

Charlie's Angles

Sunday Pages: "Devotions Upon Emergent Occasions"

Friday Reprise #1: The Democracy Game

The Plague Turns Three

Sunday Pages: "All This Time"

Ron Perón's DeSantistan (with Gal Suburban)

Fascist F—kers: The Traitors Have Never Been Easier to Spot (Reprise)

Sunday Pages: Preface to "The Picture of Dorian Gray"

Savers of the Lost Art (with Ron Pollard)

Pennywise McCarthy, Second in Line

Sunday Pages: "May 24, 1980"

There's No Concert (with Moscow Never Sleeps)

23 Villains for '23

Sunday Pages: Dad (1948-2022)